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It takes 120 gallons of birch sap to make 1 gallon of syrup. Maple is 40:1. The birch season begins when the maple season is ending around the first of April. It's a short season (anywhere from a week to over 3 weeks) and perhaps one of the reasons there are so few commercial birch producers the world over.  
Apple syrup is made by boiling down apple cider. We began making Apple Birch Syrup after some early experiments mixing apple syrup and birch syrup together. They share the same sugars and compliment each other.  
Birch sap is one of the healthiest in the woods and a great tonic in the springtime. If you have one or more birch trees handy, you can put in a single tap and collect the fresh sap to drink when it is running. Just a glass or 2 a day - don't overdo it. Birch sap contains manganese which is good for you, but in moderate amounts and 2 glasses will give the minimum daily requirement. 
Temple is only one of two towns in Maine you can drive to, but you can't drive through.  
The mountains and woods that surround the town on 3 sides have inspired many artists, activists, writers, woodcutters, homesteaders, snowshoers, and snowmobilers who more or less get along with each other. 

From The Maine Woods

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